Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes of Norway and its incredible light displays, the Constellations collection features contrasting black and gold shades and cool tones along with unexpected touches of bright colour and warmth to reflect the surprising colour combinations between earth and sky.
Natural jewellery inspired by travel...
A unique collection of limited edition pieces which are sold in very small quantities using rare gemstones.
The incredible Majorelle Gardens of Marrakech inspired the designs and colours of this exotic collection. Rich shades of green and blue are combined with textured charms and warmer shades of golden brown, reminiscent of Morocco's iconic souks at sunset.
The vast canyons and landscapes of Arizona inspired the Phoenix collection with natural gemstones and contemporary designs as well as little good luck charms and feather pendants as a nod towards the powerful and brave Apache tribes.
Inspired by the natural beauty of the French Riviera, the collection captures the glamourĀ of the Cote d'Azur with semi-precious stones and delicate chains in 14k gold-filled and sterling silver.